The APAD indoor air quality system works perfect!


The first APAD indoor air quality system was installed in June 2016 to a school basement in town of Kauttua in Finland. The project was then after followed for 2,5 years and results released in March 2019 at a Finnish indoor air quality conference, Sisäilmastoseminaari 2019.

The original problem at the school was toxic air at the school basement, containing VOC's, microbes, moisture odours and old oil heating system oil residues. The staff and pupils at this pretty big school building were affected and sick due to the air leakages from basement to the upper school floors levels. A common renovation would have been too expensive, from several hundreds of thousands of euros even to a million, and therefore a new solution was needed to be found. 

An APAD system was originally installed in June 2016 to create a controlled negative pressure to the basement. The negative pressure measuring unit was installed to measure pressure difference between basement and upper floor. A -5 Pa (pascal) negative pressure was selected, and the the system has after that kept the toxics and odours away from the studying space. The system needs to do really much work to sustain the pressure difference as the schoold own ventilation system has different working modes (rpm levels), people moving in and out cause pressure changes and especially big thing has been the ourdoor temperature changes causing the indoor air pressure level to change a lot.

The results have been amazing. The schoold indoor air quality changed in only days after the APAD system was set "On". There hasn´t been sicknesses caused by the basement indoor air quality problem anymore, and the town saved huge amount of money, as the whole system cost including installation was approx. 30000 Eur.

The principal of the shcool, Mr. Vesa Ahtola, is more than happy about the situatioin, and how good things are and have been since the APAD was installed. 
"There is a huge change in the indoor air quality, and all the sickness has disapeared giving us once again a focus to concentrate to our real job, teaching and edjucation", Mr. Ahtola says.

In February 2019 the original system was updated with a new remote controlled APAD indoor air quality system. This form of technology can be applied to several other applications also in the future, such as next generation building ventilation systems.


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