Building construction, renovation and asbestos removal

The whole APAD Technology innovation and development is based on different types of problems in negative pressure dust controlling work in building construction, renovation and asbestos removal branches.  

On buildings and renovation sites dust is generated in various different work phases. Commonly different types of deconstruction and material removal work as well as blasting, cutting, chipping, drilling and grinding are common dust generating operations. Most hazardous commonly known dust particle types are asbestos and silica (quartz). 

The best ways to protect oneself against dust issues are personal respiration filters together with effective air filtration. Effective air filtration removes dust from the air efficiently improving work safety and lowering costs generated by work site cleaning work. When negative air machines are applied to generate negative air pressure the air filtering improves even more as all air inside the containment moves towards filtering units. This way also environmental safety is improved as dust leakages can be prevented.

Using APAD Technology™ the process can be improved even more. The negative air pressure level can be set, maintained and controlled accurately. The technology pursues to maintain the selected negative pressure level all the time. In case of a sudden error causing negative air pressure to weaken or even disappear, the APAD alerts the user. APAD also works as an educational tool as it shows when a compartment is or is not tight enough and whether negative air pressure can be formed.
Even if the containment tightness is sufficient the tightness can still be improved to minimize the outgoing air amount. This way the energy loss is minimized and the APAD also increases the amount of circulation air enabling maintaining the set air pressure level in cases of sudden pressure level changes. 

On field tests, using the APAD on work sites with normal good quality containment sealing, even in bigger room spaces, the filtered circulating air amount can easily be 50-70% of the negative air machine’s full air cleaning capacity. According to the regulations in Finland the air of the room space should be filtered 6 to 10 times per hour which is the basis for calculating the amount of negative air machines needed. In bigger containment areas at least 30-50% of these units are outblowing negative air pressure forming machines.

With the common compensation air method this generates huge heat energy losses that can be several thousands of Euros per month even with even a single 4000 m3/h (~2350 cfm) negative air machine unit. By using APAD Technology™ together with good quality containment sealing several thousands of Euros can be saved as only the amount of air is guided out that is needed for the selected negative pressure level.

During cold season the rental cost of the APAD unit is mainly less than the cost it saves on heating energy.

APAD Technology™ also gives a possibility to use oversized air filtering volume without generating excess negative air pressure. This can be a big advantage in controlling dust in the most dust generating work phases.

In case of air flow changes in the containment or pressure level changes due to for example doors or windows opening, compartment sealing failures or other human errors, operational ventilation system air flow changes or elevator movement near the contained area, the APAD system automatically reacts to these changes pursuing to maintain the selected negative air pressure. This significantly improves work and environmental safety as well as lowers the risk of additional costs generated by cleaning work due to dust leakages.

APAD Technology™ is the new era of modern negative pressure air cleaning.

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