APAD  Technology™

"Automatic pressure difference control with 0% fan speed control!"

APAD Technology is perfectly suitable for all kinds of purposes in need of controlled pressure difference monitoring and adjustment. The patented system doesn´t control any fan speed, but reacts to pressure losses by guiding filtered air between exhaust air channel and circulation air channel. This automatically controlled motor+blade system makes it sharp working and accurate, as well as doesn´t restrict air filter units filtration speed. This way a certain space can have a huge filtering capacity but still only a light automatically adjusted negative pressure.  

Originally for dust controlling and asbestos removal work developed APAD system has been used since 2016 succesfully also in several indoor air quality problem cases. In these the system is used for creating controlled negative pressurization preventing toxic air moving from poluted areas to clean areas.

Suitable also for clean tech room spaces, for example eliminating viruses from air fast with high filtration level still only with light controlled negative pressure avoiding draft and loss of heated or cooled air.

Optimal also for next generation ventilation. A ventilation machine installed with APAD technology could upkeep a positive or negative pressure level in apartment or house, or even a 0 (zero) pressure level with quick selection from system control panel. A new type of ventilation could provide stabile fresh air income level, stabile air filtration level, but still upkeep a desired pressure level. The demand of fresh air could also be minimized and still upkeep high air filtration level and automatic pressure difference control. This could be a case due to for example hihg outdoor air polution level etc.



  • Easy to apply and use
  • Accurate negative air pressure setting and maintenance level 
  • Reactive to pressure level changes improving work and environmental safety
  • 100% air filtration (motor power) while simultaneously maintaining the required air pressure
  • Lower need of compensation air lowering energy cost in heated or cooled spaces
  • Educational tool in asbestos work indicating the quality of containments.
  • Huge potential in clean room technology and next generation ventilation systems
Check Ramirent Finland Oy video of APAD benefits at dust controlling work