Indoor air quality systems

The indoor air quality systems are used for different purposes of eliminating a hazardous or toxic air from moving from one space to another. The system is typically used for example creating a controlled negative pressure to moisture and mold infested basement or crawlspace. This way the health issue can be handled fast and effectively with low cost, regarding if it is a temporary or permanent installation 

The usage of APAD Technology in indoor air quality problem cases was discovered by an building engineering office. The first system was installed as a pilot project already in June 2016 to a school basement. The basement had severe problems in basement with oil based residues (from old heating systems), ground moisture and mould problems, fiber problem etc. This coctail of poor air quality moved to upper floors causing health issues to students and teachers. The city didntīt have enough budjet for a big and expensive basement renovation, and for this the users suffered in the school. 

After the APAD system was installed to create a negative pressure between the basement and upper floors, immediately the whole air quality in upper floors changed in days. The influence the basment had had was huge. Since July 2016 until January 2019 the pilot project was followed and results released in a Finnish indoor air quality event, Indoor Climate Seminar 2019 in Helsinki. After the school starting in August 2016 since January 2019 not even a single marking is done of schools users having poor indoor air quality symptoms. Air quality in school is changed completely. The principal as well as the school health nurse are relieved and thankful for the help the system has provided. From the system data can be seen that even though the basment negative pressure stays in good values, still the system needs to do a lot of work eliminating changes caused by the users in school, schools own air ventailtion system as well as outdoor temperature and weather changes. A great thing overall has been the fast elimination of the poor air quality, but also the huge savings in result of that. The whole system including all installation costs were approx. 35 000 Euros, instead of several hundreds of thousands. Also influence was immediate!

Since the first pilot project started also several other indoor air quality systems have been installed to solve out problems in basements, crawlspaces as well as other temporary or permanent installations.

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