Behind the APAD innovation

APAD Technology™ (Active Pressure Adjustment Device) is a patented Finnish innovation for creating controlled negtive pressured spaces for several different purposes. Originally it was developed to create more effective, safe and energy friendly negative pressure air filtration for different kinds of dusts, small particles, microbies etc. at construction, renovation and asbestos removal sites.The APAD has proven it´s benefits in worksite dust controlling and asbestos work, but also since 2016 as part of indoor air quality purification system.

Maintaining negative air pressure level with standard techniques is either very difficult or even impossible as standard systems do not react to pressure changes caused for example by:
-air cleaning unit filters get clogged
-doors are opened, containment fails
-elevator movements in work area / in the building
-ventilation system in surrounding areas and apartments causing pressure level changes
-outdoor temperature changes causing indoor pressure level also to change
-and many other.

The APAD allows 100% air filtration as the system doesn´t control any motor or fan speed. The extra air, not needed for creating negative pressure, is returned as filtered air to the roomspace. This extra air works as reserve air which the system automatically uses if there becomes any drop or changes in the roospace pressure level. Basically the APAD only follows the set negative air pressure level the user has selected from the APAD control panel. At the same time a lot less discharge air is needed which results in direct energy savings.

APAD improves air filtering capacity as higher filtering level can now be used without creating any higher negative air pressure level than the user selects from the APAD control panel. Also air draft from outdoors is much smaller giving the system even wider range of usage. The technology can be scaled and developed further for different purposes in clean room air cleaning as well as for laboratory and hospital effective air cleaning purposes and next generation indoor air ventilation system.

APAD Technology™ official testing has been performed by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The testing included circulation air volume testing in building site simulations. The test results are represented in separate test document, VTT-S-01821-15.