The APAD system creates automactically controlled negative pressure spaces for all different kinds of purposes. So far most of development has went to common dust controlling units as well as APAD indoor air quality systems. The dust controlling units are mainly found in different purposes of construction and renovations sites as well as asbestos removal work. The indoor air quality systems have proven themselves for example in prevention of polluted toxic air moving from crawl space or basement to other parts of buildings. This has been a great help for example in old school buildings minimizing health threats.
Benefits listed shortly:
1. Able to easily create automatically controlled pressure differences (+ and - as well as 0 pressure)
2. Active pressure adjusting and monitoring - user selects the desired pressure level
3. Reacts to any matters causing pressure level to change and tries to upkeep the desired level
4. Doesn´t control any motor or fan speed - allows high filtration but still low pressure level
5. Cost effective - Doesn´t guide more air out than needed for the desired pressure level
6. High air flitration level but only need for a small compensation air amount - smaller draft
7. Circulation/return air can be ventilated and splitted equally back to roomspace - improved filtration 
Also several other improvements creating a controlled pressure level
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Air cleaning with APAD Multi APAD integrated in an air cleaner A common old school air cleaning