Clean tech

In different types of clean tech environments as for example in hospitals, laboratories, quarantine spaces, storages as well as in hygiene and temporary clean tech facilities a controlled negative pressure air filtration to prevent different hazardous microbies and contaminants is necessary. The faster the air filtration rate together with suitable filtering levels is, the faster the hazardous materials are removed from the air. Safety issues can concern occupational safety, patient safety, environmental safety or other matters causing a real threat to people’s health. 

With APAD Technology™ based solutions air filtration ratio could be improved significantly without causing excess pressure or inconvenient draft. Also the air pressure level would then be controlled for sudden changes. Automatic air pressure level adjustment can improve safety inside as well as outside the space. In clean tech environment the filtration level is commonly on high standard between HEPA - ULPA filters. APAD Technology™ can be used either as an external air pressure adjustment system or it can be integrated in a negative air pressure and cleaning system.

The system guides out only the amount of air necessary for creating the selected negative air pressure level, and returns the excess air as micro filtered circulation air. This way even a high air volume air filtering system can create only low negative air pressure level. 

A controlled negative air pressure ensures that the air is always moving towards the filtering process, and with higher filtration ratio the air can be cleaned much more efficiently. 

Our goal is to develop APAD Technology™ solutions for different purposes and / or to co-operate together with excisting clean tech air filtration manufacturers internationally.