Technical function

The patented APAD Technology™ is based on an active pressure measuring unit, electronic control unit, air splitter chamber, air adjusting blades and motor and all of these working together in real time accurately. The system can be built as a separate APAD unit or integrated together with different kinds of air ventilation or air filtering units. 

APAD_PT_315_func_small.jpg APAD_PT_315_ext_func_small.jpg

The system measures air pressure difference between 2 different spaces and guides the data to APAD system control unit. The unit then adjusts air splitter blades automatically to position that desired negative pressure level is achieved. This happens when any air fan guides air to APAD system, and a needed air amount for creating desired negative pressure is guided out of the space. The extra air is guided back to roomspace as return air (commonly HEPA filtered air), which the system automatically helds as reserve air for any sudden or slow pressure drop situations that may occure.