New era of indoor ventilation

Energy efficiency as well as indoor air quality are already key factors in future indoor air ventilation systems. Already in Finland the ventilation system should be adjusted to 0 Pa (Pascal) pressure difference level. This is an impossible task to handle for several reasons. For example outdoor weather temperature changes influence also to indoor pressure differences, ventilation system filtration getting dirty influence to air flow rate etc. Also it is much easier to create a negative pressure or excess air pressure as there can be some tolerance. With 0 pressure there isntīt any.

The next generation APAD ventilation system could be an optimal system for all apartments having an individual air ventialtion system. Also older apartments and houses ventilation renewal, where gravity based ventilation is upgraded to a fan based system. The APAD system allows to adjust needed continuous fresh air volume, the air filtration can be set on a high standard flowing level and the desired negative pressure level set with 1 Pa (Pascal) accuracy. With only in few seconds the same indoor space can be set for example to +5 Pa or 0 Pa as well as -3 Pa level without influencing the fresh air flow amount nor the indoor air filtration amount. The system only adjusts the air exhaust amount with adjusting air blades keeping the pressure difference level on desired level.

In houses or roomspaces having a shower or some other wetroom, the APAD ventilation system can be adjusted with a bypass fan which can be adjusted for example automatically by a relative humidity sencor. The pressure difference adjusting APAD system notices the wetroom fan operating and compansates automatically so that the roomspace pressure level stays on adjusted level.